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[TV Review] ‘Gotham’ Episode 2.08 – “Tonight’s the Night”

Gotham” returned this week with yet another entertaining episode, cementing its ever-increasing climb in quality this season.  I’m somewhat amazed at the jarring difference between the writing this year and last.  I’d still rank the first season among the worst handed up to us during the last TV season, whereas this season when I’m actually looking forward to each new episode.  A lot of that has to do with the series finally embracing its kooky tone and camp styling, relishing the insanity instead of muting it with the usual procedural garbage.

Bonkers Barbara Keen was the main focus in this episode, with her dragging Jim Gordon off into another obvious trap.  Naturally he plays along, both because he still cares for her and because he’s too headstrong to see the forest for the trees when it comes to Barbara.  A handful of cops get killed in the process, but this is “Gotham“, so I’m sure that will ultimately be overlooked.  You’ve just gotta roll with it!

On the less interesting Bruce Wayne side of things, young Bruce’s interactions with Theo Galavan took a turn.  After being offered up the name of his parents’ killer in exchange for selling his company to Galavan, Bruce ultimately opts not to go through with the deal.  For a second I was hoping that Galavan might break character and flip out on Bruce, but that was not meant to be.  Right when such a moment might occur, Gordon and the GCPD burst into Galavan’s office and arrested him, after finding the still-alive previous mayor.

Our small third plot involving Edward Nygma disposing the corpse of his murdered girlfriend offered up a bit more humor this week, even if it didn’t factor into the main plots.  Lucky for Nygma (and us), amidst his clandestine cover-up of of homicidal tendencies, he found out where The Penguin is hiding.  Will we be seeing Nymga nurse Penguin back to health and perhaps join his mad crusade against Galavan?  Definitely the former and possibly the latter, based on what the quick preview of next week offered up.

Like chopped up bodies into an unmarked grave, so are the days of our Gotham lives…

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