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Behold Negan! ‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Its Big Baddie

We’ve heard rumblings for months now that Negan, archvillain from Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” comics, might finally be coming to the ever-popular AMC series.  Now it’s official.  Jeffrey Dead Morgan (Watchmen, “Supernatural“) will be joining the series as Negan, former car salesman and leader of the Saviors.  Who are the Saviors?  They are one of the largest groups of survivors in the zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic United States and they reside in Washington, D.C..

What makes them so dangerous?  Per Wikipedia, they “subjugate other communities in the area for resources in return for their protection against zombies.”  Hooray for mob tactics!  Pay us protection or we’ll kill you, if the zombies don’t eat you first.  I’ve fallen behind on “The Walking Dead“.  I tapped out during the first half of Season Four, which many have labeled as the lowest point of the series.  I’m told by fans that things started to improve drastically right after I quit watching and have only gotten better since.  I did, however, catch all of “Fear the Walking Dead” this summer, though the less said about that, the better.

I’ll hop back on the horse eventually and do my best to catch up before the already-guaranteed Season Seven comes around.  As for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he’s usually pretty great in most any role he is given, so this just gives me one more thing to look forward to when I shamble back along on my journey into the show.  There were some recent rumblings that “Justified“/”Deadwood” actor Garrett Dillahunt might nab the role, but it looks like JDM beat him to the punch.  So what do you folks think?  I know that many had hoped that Henry Rollins might land the role someday, especially since the character was at least partially modeled on the musician/actor/writer.  I’m not sure if Rollins ever had any interest in the role.  So, Rollins aside, how do you feel about Morgan as Negan?


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