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Zoom Enters With Doom & Gloom On ‘The Flash’

Zoom (voiced by the great Tony Todd) will be showcased on “The Flash” next week more than ever before.  As a result, we’ve been gifted with an onslaught of stills and behind-the-scenes shots for “Enter Zoom”, this coming Tuesday’s episode.  The dark speedster is shown wailing on our poor Barry, who will definitely need the help of both Dr. Harrison Wells (Earth-2 edition) and Jay Garrick to overcome him later in the season.

We’re also granted plenty of looks at Wells in action action, as well as both Cisco and Caitlin looking none too thrilled about whatever is going on in front of them.  Additionally, Linda Park (Malese Jow)…now clued into the Earth-2 insanity…looks to be joining the show in a larger capacity again, at least for next week’s installment anyway.  Might an Earth-1 Doctor Light be in our future?  Only time will tell.

Check ’em out…

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