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[TV Review] ‘The Flash’ Episode 2.05 – “The Darkness and the Light”

When last we saw Barry Allen, he was staring in disbelief after he was saved from the grip of King Shark by a miraculously-alive Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh).  After a very untrustworthy getting-to-know-you moment back at STAR Labs between Wells and Team Flash, everyone begrudgingly accepted the truth: that this was the Wells from Earth-2.  Should he be trusted?  That remains to be seen.  He’s proven his worth thus far, but then again, so did the original Harrison.

Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) certainly doesn’t trust the man and his secretive nature gives me doubts as well.  Regardless, it’s wonderful to have Cavanagh back in full capacity.  Not that the series hasn’t been great in his absence, but it isn’t quite the same when he’s not around.  This week saw Doctor Light, the Earth-2 metahuman thief version of Linda Park (Malese Jow), sent to “our” Central City to take out The Flash.  Not being a killer, she instead tries to concoct a scheme in which she can escape the machinations of Zoom, but her efforts prove fruitless.  Eventually someone is killed by accident and Barry must take her down before she can harm anyone else.

Throwing Wells back into the team, especially this more aggressive and less courteous version, violently shook things up.  Getting past the initial shock of seeing Wells walking around, the new prickish Harrison outed Cisco Ramon’s (Carlos Valdes) metahuman abilities to the rest of the team.  He also, after the defeat of Doctor Light, managed to drive Jay away.  We all know Garrick, whose own flaws as a hero finally came to light this week, will be back, but I’m honestly terrified of what the catalyst might be that causes his return.

On a more lighter note, both Barry and Cisco scored some dates this week, so at least things are looking up for our heroes in terms of their love lives at the moment.  Barry finally went out with Patty and their date was even more adorable than I could have possibly predicted.  Grant Gustin has great chemistry with pretty much everyone, but his with Shantel VanSanten is particularly strong, so I’m definitely rooting for Patty above all of his other loves to date.

Unbeknownst to Cisco, his date..Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee)…happens to be Hawkgirl!  I guess he shouldn’t be too worried about her shunning him when his metahuman abilities are eventually revealed.  I’m sure he’ll be relieved when both shoes drop.  In the meantime, now that his friends know his secret, he has finally be granted the name we’ve been waiting to hear: Vibe.

This show continues to amaze me week after week.  Even the weak episodes are strong when compared to other series, which makes things twice as sweet when the episodes tend to be good overall.  This week’s went a step farther into “great” territory and I find myself incredibly excited for Barry’s potential first confrontation with the creepy Zoom next week!

  • hacknslash

    It really is the best show on tv

    • Daniel Baldwin

      It’s definitely among my favorites.


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