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Oh Look. ‘The Crow’ Has Been Resurrected. Again.

The perpetually on again-off again reboot of The Crow is now..SHOCK…back on again after derailing once the umpteenth time awhile back.  Director Corin Hardy has returned to the film and as of now it will remain at Relativity Media, supposedly becoming one of their first post-bankruptcy projects.  Things are reportedly moving full steam ahead now, with an eye for a March start date.

Here’s where I get brutally honest: does anyone even care?  I’m not trying to be mean and I honestly DO think that this property has the potential to bring us another good film.  I just can’t see it happening the way things have been going here or fans even caring by the time a new film eventually arrives, but it under Hardy’s direction or someone else’s.

The original Alex Proyas film is wonderful.  It holds up to this day and remains an iconic landmark among comic book film adaptations; influencing films to this day.  The sequels?  Not so much.  While the second film, The Crow: City of Angels, has some great visuals, it was ultimately just a hollow retread.  The third tried to shake things up a little, but was unsuccessful.  The less said about The Crow: Wicked Prayer, the better.  I never caught the short-lived TV series, “The Crow: Stairway To Heaven“, so I won’t comment on its relevancy.

The revamp has seen a ton of talent come and go.  Bradley Cooper, Nick Cave, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Norrington, Luke Evans, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Jack Huston, etc.  Every time it falls apart and is revived again a mere month later, the less stable things are and the quicker talent runs away from it screaming.  At this point, I won’t be surprised if the project collapses mid=production, if it ever even gets off the ground.  Whoever is in charge of this project needs to take a long, hard look at the resources they have available, pump the brakes, and plan things out properly to avoid further ridiculous delays and cancellations.  As is, this project’s lack of momentum and stability may well end up being the final nail in the coffin of the property’s cinematic prospects.

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