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[TV Review] ‘Supergirl’ Episode 1.02 – “Stronger Together”

I won’t lie, I was cringing at the start of this episode when it kept laying on a “You’re no Superman!” message on thick at Kara from various characters.  Thankfully, there ultimately proved to be a purpose for it, but those of you who watched the third season of “Arrow” can’t really blame me for worrying.  After all, that run of one of Berlanti’s other superhero shows faceplanted when it came to its female characters repeatedly.  Lucky for us, lessons have clearly been learned and there was a point here: Kara needs to not be so cavalier about her heroic deeds and take them all very seriously, lest she cause problems.

This week did a decent job of assuaging some of my fears about whether or not the DEO angle will work, with Kara not fully buying into what they are selling.  It also integrated her friendships with Jimmy and Winn very well, with the two happily banding together to help their mutual friend.  Many shows might pit them against one another, but this one eschews that cliched route and I couldn’t be happier.

On a less positive note, Hellgrammite (Justice Leak), like Vartox, is another forgettable villain.  I won’t hold that against them too much, as “Arrow” and “The Flash” haven’t always had the greatest threats of the week, but I definitely look forward to the show eventually getting a worthwhile foe for Kara.  Even General Astra (Laura Benanti), our “big bad” is still a bit too ill-defined, but there’s plenty of time for that.  It was nice to see Kara interact with her so soon though.

To borrow a statement from a friend, the most concerning thing in this episode is the fact that apparently Perd Hapley scored a gig at a major news network.  That’s right folks, Jay Jackson, who played Pawnee’s own terrible reporter on “Parks & Recreation“, is the male newscaster in this and judging from information at hand, he’s here to stay!  God save National City from his ineptitude!

Regardless of weak foes and the dastardly Hapley, I’m still very much on board with this series.  The core cast all work well for me so far, the super battles are mostly well-done, and I really dig the tone of it all.  I just hope audiences continue to feel the same way and “Supergirl” is around for years to come.

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