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[TV Review] ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Episode 4.02 – “The Moons of Thalos 3”

Our poor heroes just can’t catch a break out in the cosmos.  After an explosive run-in with Captain Mozar (Michael Dorn) and the Triceratons, the Turtles, April, Casey, and The Fugitoid are stranded on an ice-covered moon.  They are not alone, however.  During the space skirmish with the Triceratons, a Salamandarian ship was also damaged and has crashed on the moon as well.  Another warrior alien race, the Salamandarians are quick to anger and even quicker to fight and the pair stranded on the moon are no different.

We all know where this is going.  Two groups must overcome their differences with one another and band together to survive being marooned in a strange, hostile environment.  It’s an age-old tale, especially when it comes to the science fiction genre that this season so gleefully rolls in, so it was bound to be pulled out of the hat for usage this year at some point.  This is a lesser episode, mostly because of said cliched plot and the fact that not much new is done with it, but it’s not a total loss.

G’thraka (Keith David) and Ik’thba (Zelda Williams), our Salamandarians, are an interesting pair and also fall in line with genre tropes.  The former is older, wiser, and more patient.  The latter a hotheaded zealot of a fighter.  They balance each other’s personalities out well to form a nice little unit.  Having Keith David voice one of them certainly lends an extra layer of enjoyment to the proceedings as well.

More than anything, however, it’s Raphael falling head over heels for Ik’thba, who he calls Mona Lisa, that livens things up.  After she clocks him like no one in battle has before, it’s simply love at first sight for Raph.  He has found his perfect warrior woman.  His Valkyrie.  To his credit, as with everything else in his life, he charges at what he desires with no hesitation.  It surprisingly pays off, giving everyone’s favorite hot-headed turtle an actual love interest that will no doubt pop in and out of the series from here on.

With Donnie still hopelessly in love of April and Leo pining for Karai, only Mikey lacks a potential significant other…unless we are counting pizza.  This episode is basically filler, but still manages to be entertaining, with quite a few laughs to be had.  Last season “technically” meandered for the first five or six episodes as well, but did so while exploring a lot of fun horror tropes.  I have no problem with this season doing the same with science fiction.  What will next week bring?  It’s hard to say with this series, but chances are, whatever it is will be a lot of fun.

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