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Wanna See Rick Baker’s Daughter As The Joker?

The great Rick Baker took to Twitter today to showcase his daughter’s Halloween costume.  His daughter, Veronica Baker, went to work today at DC Comics dressed as the Clown Prince of Crime himself.  Veronica apparently works for DC’s marketing department and strolled into her job with this stellar get-up, proving once and for all that you are NEVER too old to get some help from your parents when it comes to crafting your Halloween costume.

Massive kudos to both Rick and Veronica for such a stellar character costume.  This just saddens me even more that Baker has effectively retired from an industry that no longer wants to put his phenomenal skills to work.  CGI has its place, especially as an augmentation tool, but in most cases it will never have the same impact as practical make-up and physical effects, as you can see here…

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