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Rumor: Solo Batman Film To Focus On Red Hood?

Joblo is reporting a rumor that Ben Affleck’s first solo Batman movie, rumored to drop in 2018 or 2019, might focus on the emergence of the murderous vigilante Red Hood.  The film will supposedly pull from the stories of both “A Death in the Family” and “Under the Hood“.  Affleck, who stars and is co-writing the film with Geoff Johns, is still mulling over taking on the director’s chair as well.

While it’s just too early to tell how true this rumor is, it is certainly a credible one.  Early drafts of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made references to Dick Grayson (aka Nightwing) being estranged from Bruce and having moved on to be a hero elsewhere.  While it remains to be seen whether or not those bits of dialogue have stayed in the finished film, it’s pretty clear that the dead Robin whose suit lies in the Batcave is not Dick Grayson.

In the comics, the second Robin…Jason Todd…was murdered by The Joker, something that absolutely fits with everything that we have seen thus far.  Red Hood, a kill-crazed vigilante, was ultimately revealed to be a resurrected Jason Todd, in the aforementioned storyline above.  Placing the focus of Affleck’s first solo outing both on the death of Todd and his troublesome resurrection, while also framing Joker as the diabolical catalyst of it all, would certainly make for an interesting film that would eschew plots similar to the Batman movies we have been handed already.

If true, Warner Bros. will roll into this with a chunk of its required cast already in place.  In addition to Affleck as Bruce Wayne and Jared Leto as Joker, we also already have Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Jena Malone as (supposedly) Barbara Gordon, and the sure-to-feature Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.  That just leaves Dick Grayson and Jason Todd as the big roles to be cast in the interim, as well as any other side Batman characters that Johns & Affleck decide to include.  Still, this is early days, and even if this rumor is true, there’s plenty of time for things to change.

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