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B.D. Wong Gets Strange For ‘Gotham’

B.D. Wong (Jurassic World, “Law & Order: SVU”) has been cast as the nefarious Dr. Hugo Strange on Fox’s “Gotham”. Strange will enter the series as the new brilliant head of Arkham Asylum; a psychiatrist who naturally hides some dark secrets and sinister designs for his patients. He will also have ties to the recently-revealed Indian Hill black ops program, which involves the creation of and experimentation on superhumans.

Dr. Hugo Strange is one of Batman’s oldest recurring villains, having been battling the Caped Crusader since 1940. While he hasn’t been used in previous films and was never all that prominent in the older animated shows, the character has become popular as of late. Strange has featured within a few of the popular Arkham video games and will reportedly be appearing in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad next year, supposedly played by Ike Barinholtz. Wong will no doubt bring his own interesting take on the character to “Gotham”.


In other news, the Batman-less Batman series also recently cast the roles of Victor & Nora Fries. The former, of course, will go on to become Batman’s chilling adversary, Mr. Freeze. The show will no doubt chart such a villainous origin. Kristen Hager will portray the disease-stricken Nora and Nathan Darrow will take on the role of Victor. The pair’s frigid tale will appropriately run in a two-parter this December as the show’s 12th and 13th episodes.


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