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13 Four-Color Fright Flicks For Your Halloweekend!

While superheroes usually get the spotlight, there are all kinds of comic books out there that cover all kinds of genres.  Science fiction, crime, westerns, comedy, fantasy, romance, and yes, even horror.  As a result, films for all those very same genres of comics also exist. Variety is the spice of life and we here at Villain Smash are pleased to count the likes of A History of Violence, Ghost World, and Ichi the Killer among the great comic book adaptations that have been tossed our way to date.

Today we’re highlighting some comic book  film adaptations that showcase the horror genre.  Below lies a list of 13 horror-themed comic book (or comic-inspired) films that I think are among the best in their sub-genre.  They not only offer up fine entertainment, but they also illustrate just how well the worlds of horror and comics can come together to create something beautiful, even as they terrify and tantalize.

Now, let’s see what’s first on deck…

Tales From The Crypt

This 1972 anthology film, directed by the great Freddie Francis, remains one of the best horror anthologies to date.  It’s also a comic book adaptation!  Based on the popular EC Comics line of the same name, this film adapts two stories from the comics and also has three original tales.  While the HBO series that followed 17 years later (and ran for 7 seasons) is more popular and well-known, this underrated gem contains the perfect mixture of the creepy, the funny, and the shocking.  It’s well-worth your time, so seek it out when you get the chance!


Alternative suggestion: The Vault of Horror, the 1973 sequel, is almost as good.  Both were recently issued on Blu-ray in a double-feature release courtesy of Scream Factory and are a wonderful way to spend your horrific holiday.

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  • hm, I actually think that Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is more iconic and well-known than the original.

  • Good list. I add Ken Russell’s “Gothic”.
    Whatever happened to colours in movies?


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