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‘Jessica Jones’ Lands Her First Full Trailer

Netflix and Marvel have been killing it with the atmosphere-setting teasers they have dished out for “Jessica Jones” thus far.  So much so that I haven’t seen too many complain about the fact that we haven’t seen any real footage from the series or received a standard trailer for it thus far.  Well, whether we wanted them to or not, this dynamic duo have finally chucked out a full preview for the series, which hits in its entirety in less than a month.

So how is it?  It’s great!  Not only to we get a full impression of Jessica (Krysten Ritter) herself, but there’s also plenty of Colter’s Luke Cage and Tennant’s Kilgrave to go around as well, along with a few other supporting characters as well.  This trailer speaks volumes as to what the series is about without spoiling too much.  Honestly, I was excited before, but I’m practically ecstatic now.  As someone who loved “Daredevil“, despite a few flaws, I was already on board for whatever Marvel and Netflix threw my way.  From the looks of things, “Jessica Jones” easily stands a chance of equaling it.  Maybe even…GASP…surpassing it!  Hyperbole?  Possibly, but we’ll find out one way or another in November.

  • Nicholas

    Looking great. I now need to find out where I’ve seen the actor, well actress.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      The lead, Krysten Ritter? Most recently she co-starred on a sitcom called “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23”. She’s popped up in a lot of comedies and romantic comedies of the years, usually as the female lead’s best friend. I believe she also did a season (or at least part of one) of Breaking Bad as well.

      • Nicholas

        Weird, I’ve not seen any of what she’s been in; I looked on imdb. Maybe she looks like some other actress.


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