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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Is Looking For Connor Hawke

Legends of Tomorrow” continues to cast up for its season long, time-hopping journey and the latest character that CW is looking to fill the role of for the series is Connor Hawke.  Who is Connor Hawke?  I’m glad you asked!  In the comics, Connor was the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke, Oliver’s college sweetheart.  Hawke eventually took on his father’s mantle (at least for a time).  He’s also been known as Red Arrow, a moniker that Thea has teased as her name of choice.  Sorry Thea, you’re stuck with Speedy.

While the prospect of Oliver having a son has already been teased on both “Arrow” and “The Flash“, with said unseen kid likely being at least 10 years old by now in the current DC TV Universe timeline, that particular shoe hasn’t dropped yet.  Oliver is not aware of his Central City-residing son at this time, although I’m sure that will change at some point.  Funnily enough, that does not matter when it comes to this bit of casting.

The CW is looking to cast an African-American or mixed race male in the part, neither of which would fit the current trajectory for the above unfulfilled subplot (both parental actors are white).  When time travel and alternate universes are in the mix, however, that doesn’t much matter.  Details of Connor’s appearance in “Legends” are scarce for now, but Warner Bros. has reportedly stated that this Connor Hawke is NOT the child of Oliver and Sandra.  Instead he is simply a man who “decides to put on the uniform of a missing hero who once stood for justice and hope”.  Alternate timeline Connor Hawke, here we come!

This is a fun way to not only tease the above mentioned unresolved plot thread, but also to touch on Oliver’s legacy as a whole when it comes to the future.  Many fans are still hoping we get a glimpse of a rugged, older, goatee-sporting Oliver Queen (preferably with Stephen Amell in the part) during one of “Legends” future-set sequences and perhaps that is still a possibility.  So is the usage of Amell on the series in general, even if only for one episode.  Still, regardless of what happens with or to Oliver on the series, it seems we’re getting some sort of Green Arrow-esque action through the use of an alternate universe version of Connor Hawke.

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