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[TV Review] ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Episode 3.04 – “Devils You Know”

Lash is back and still breaking hearts (literally) with his Inhuman powers as he slaughters his own kind.  Sure we also get some drama involving May and Andrew, as well as Lance still moping about trying to take down Grant Ward, but that’s all mostly dressing around the Inhuman monster’s return.  Taking out a handful of his fellow part-alien brethren in the opening sequence, Lash isn’t playing around and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m also happy to report that he looks pretty good on screen.  This show hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to make-up FX, from the fan-scarring constant botchjob that is their Deathlok to the disappointing final form of Calvin Zabo last season.  When Lash was kept in the shadows during his debut in the season premiere, I feared that he would follow suit.  Turns out he looks pretty good, both in motion and even when speaking.  I’m all for more of the fantastical being added into this show to help bust up the more monotonous procedural elements, so hopefully Lash is the first of many creature-like characters to come.

I’m still not sold on the use of the ATCU and Rosalind Price.  At first they were just a bland replacement for General Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) from the first season.  Now they are nothing more than filler characters taking up valuable time best spent on other characters.  They’re honestly beginning to bore me, so here’s hoping that the writers have something up their sleeve on that front.  If there is indeed a shoe waiting to drop in relation to that particular plot line, it needs to happen soon.

All of the time wasted on the ATCU would be better spent on Grant Ward and Hydra.  Speaking of Ward, he’s apparently appointed himself “Director of Hydra”.  This is as dumb as it is hysterical, which means it is 100% pure Grant Ward.  I love that he thinks Hydra needs a director, as if modeling the terrorist organization on the inept SHIELD will make things work better.  What a doofus.

Equally dumb is sicking the inept Werner Strucker on May’s ex-husband, Andrew Garner.  Baron Strucker’s young son being sent undercover into college as a Hydra sleeper agent is like something out of a bad 80’s movie.  I don’t know if that was the intention, but I absolutely love it.  Wherever the Red Skull is out in the cosmos, I assume his screaming at the heavens (if he’s still alive) at the way Hydra has been run since Alexander Pierce was killed.

Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to have him return to the MCU through this series someday, since it seems doubtful he will ever be back in the films?  The sillier and more arch things get on this series, the better, and I would welcome a cosmically-charged and pissed off Red Skull with open arms.  A man can dream.  Until then, I happily expect the cartoonish buffoonery that is Grant Ward’s reign as Hydra’s currect leader…I’m sorry, director.

Other highlights…

  • An Inhuman named “Dwight Frye”, whose horror connections continues with the fact that Chad Lindberg plays him.  For those who don’t remember, he played Ash on “Supernatural“.
  • Coulson’s Darth Vader-esque, one-handed choke hold on Frye.
  • Phil’s jokes about a laser finger hopefully aren’t jokes.  This show could always do with more camp fun.
  • Multiple Woman (or whatever her actual name is; I can’t remember) is now on SHIELD’s team.  Huh.  That was kind of out of the blue.  I can roll with it though.
  • I’m digging the were-inhuman revelation in regards to Lash.  Here’s hoping they get the on-screen transformation FX down pat before they pull the trigger on them, however.  I hate crummy CG transformations.
  • Next week we finally get a glimpse of Jemma’s time on that unnamed other world.  Woohoo!
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