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What If ‘Batman v Superman’ Had Been Made 67 Years Ago?

What if Batman v Superman had been released in 1949, instead of 2016?  What might the film have looked like?  What would the plot have been?  The folks over at New York Magazine have answered that very question in a new mash-up video.  Utilizing footage pulled from the old Superman and Batman serials of the 1940s, we have a look at what the superhero two-hander might have been like circa 1949.

Full disclosure: I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the two Kirk Alyn Superman serials (1948’s Superman and 1950’s Atom Man vs. Superman).  Nor have I seen either Batman serial, be it the 1943 Lewis Wilson-starrer Batman or the 1949 Robert Lowery-toplined Batman and Robin.  It appears that Kirk Alyn is facing off against the Robert Lowery incarnation in this Vulture Remix video, which makes the most sense anyway, given the faux release year of this blockbuster serial opus.  This is an entertaining mash-up and one that makes me want to finally seek out all four serials.  It’s a good bit of fun, so give it a whirl!

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