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‘Y: The Last Man’ Lands On FX

Much like “The Boys“, whose own TV development was announced yesterday, Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s “Y: The Last Man” has been targeted for adaptation for years.  Many have tried to bring it to the screen, but none have succeeded and the most recent attempt over at New Line Cinemas collapsed like all those before it.  The project still lives, however, and has now been set up on FX as a potential television series.

The highly-acclaimed, 60-issue series followed the journey of Yorick Brown, the last surviving male carrying a Y chromosome, and his monkey sidekick Ampersand as they navigate a world where a disease has wiped out the male population.  If it goes to series and sticks to the usual lower episode amount per season for FX series, it could easily run for five years.  Nina Jacobson and Brian K. Vaughan himself will be developing the series, which is now out to writers and directors.  No timeline for development is in place, but with an ample (but finite) amount of material to work from, this could come together quicker than most.

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