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[TV Review] ‘The Flash’ Episode 2.02 – “Flash of Two Worlds”

The Crimson Comet, Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), has come to Central City!  Our season-long tale of two Flashes began last night as Jay, The Flash from Earth-2, made himself known to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his team.  It appears that the singularity of Season One’s finale didn’t just cause problems in our world, but also on Jay’s alternate Earth as well.  Sucked over into our universe during a battle with the evil speedster Zoom (voiced by Tony Todd), Garrick is deadset on preparing Barry for the coming battle with his nemesis, as well as any further metahuman assassins that Zoom might throw Barry’s way.

Where Atom-Smasher failed last week, Sand Demon tries again this week, again at Zoom’s decree after being dropped in our world.  As Barry learns to trust Jay and trains to defeat Sand Demon, his compatriots have other issues to deal with.  Dr. Stein and Cisco search for ways to track portal openings to Earth-2 so that the breach might be sealed and Caitlin attempts to suss out whether or not Jay is telling the truth by giving him various tests.

Meanwhile, Joe is being hounded at work by a new officer, Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten), who desperately wants to join his Anti-Metahuman Task Force.  Befriending Barry in the process and ultimately placing herself in the deadly sights of Sand Demon in the process, Spivot is determined to help out in any way she can.  Why?  Well, apparently her father met his end at the hands of Mark Mardon (Liam McIntyre), known better to us as the still-at-large Weather Wizard.  Patty is a spunky geek of a cop and easily cozies up to Barry as a like mind and quite possibly a love interest in the future as well, given the character’s past in the source material.  VanSanten proves to be a great addition to the series and I look forward to seeing how her character plays out as the season goes on.

Speaking of new additions, Sears is great as Jay Garrick, Barry’s new mentor of sorts.  Less a fatherly relationship like Harrison Wells was, Garrick comes off more like an older brother and has a bit of a tough love thing going on that I think will work well.  He’s a bit no-nonsense for much of the episode, but the glimpses into the non-superhero side of his personality are interesting.  As with VanSanten, I’m very much interested in seeing what they throw Sears’ way to work with in the future.

What would this series be without its teasers and revelations though?  We end up with a handful this week.  Cisco’s “vibe” powers continue to grow and he has finally let Dr. Stein in on his secret.  Stein himself gave us a scare at the end as he unexpectedly collapsed mid-sentence in front of everyone.  It’s safe to say that whatever his condition is, it is connected to the disappearance of Ronnie Raymond.

Joe also gets goosed in the form of his estranged wife arriving in Central City, which is sure to cause upheaval in everyone’s personal lives.  And, lastly, when given a glimpse into the distant future, we see that Harrison Wells is alive and well!  Is it the real Wells or has Reverse-Flash somehow survived and is still utilizing his form?  Only time will tell.  All in all, this was a pretty great episode, as this year continues to (scarlet) streak of quality of the first season.

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