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DC TV Round-Up: Mark Hamill Returns to ‘Flash’, Reubens Arrives On ‘Gotham’

Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, wonderfully reprised his role of the Trickster earlier this year during the inaugural season of “The Flash“.  For those who don’t remember, Hamill played that same roll on the 1990 “Flash” series.  While his Trickster in CW’s version is not the same as his previous take, it was portrayed as a bit of a legacy role, with his character’s son taking up the mantle.  Hamill was a hoot in his new version of the character and many had hope he might return soon, despite obviously being busy with Star Wars for the foreseeable future.

It turns out that we are in luck!  After a few rumors earlier in the week, the actor has finally confirmed that he will be reprising his role of James Montgomery Jesse on “The Flash” for the show’s second season.  No further details have been given at this time, so we don’t know exactly when he will pop back up on the show or in what capacity, butI wouldn’t expect it to be more than one episode due to Hamill’s other commitments.  Still, it’s nice to know Trickster will be messing up Barry Allen’s day again very soon.

Also in the way of returns, though not full-blown reprisals, is the fact that Paul “Pee-Wee” Reubens has also been given the opportunity to reinvent a previous DC Comics role of his.  If you recall, Reubens had a cameo role in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns as Tucker Cobblepot, the Penguin’s father.  Reuben’s has now been cast in the same role on Fox’s “Gotham” and will be arriving later this season.  As with Hamill redoing Trickster, it will be interesting to see what Reubens brings to the role in a sure-to-be-expanded amount of screentime as he interacts with Oswald (Robin Taylor Lord) and Gertrude (Carol Kane).

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