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Feige v Perlmutter: Doom of Inhumans?

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Inhumans might not be arriving in 2019 after all.  The project, which many have expected to would star Vin Diesel (as Blackbolt) and be helmed by Adam McKay (Marvel’s current go-to script doctor), was and still “officially” is scheduled for release on July 12, 2019.  Will that remain true, however?  According to chatter heard by Bleeding Cool (and other outlets), that slot is about to be vacant and the reason has everything to do with the recent executive split over at Marvel Studios.

Not long ago it was revealed that Ike Perlmutter would no longer be lording over Marvel’s film division, which will now see Kevin Feige reporting directly to Disney chairman Alan Horn.  The Marvel Creative Committee remains in place at film division, but Perlmutter is no longer there to cause roadblocks for their suggestions or Feige’s ultimate decisions.  Perlmutter still retains control over TV division and that, my friends is where the head-butting is occurring now.

As a concept, Inhumans is a bit out there in terms of what we have scene from the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far.  A royal family of alien-like beings hailing from a mystical hidden city, whose major ties lie more with the Kree empire than Earth?  It’s no wonder that it was something Marvel desired to slowly work up to, so the decision was made to stagger the smaller details of it all out on television.  Thus the introduction of humans becoming Inhumans was introduced on ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD” last season and is the primary focus of the Marvel show this season (check out our episode reviews!).  The idea was to continue to introduce the concept on the series, getting audiences use to it, and I suspect the sure-to-involve-the-Kree Captain Marvel (now hitting in March 2019) would also shine some light on the property before its introduction in 2019.

The Feige vs. Perlmutter battle is not over.  Kevin might have gotten his way in terms of getting Ike removed from power over at film division, but now the fight has moved over to connections between the films and the television shows, all of which exist within the same narrative universe.  While it has very little affect over the current films or the Netflix shows, all of which are just kind of doing their own thing, it can absolutely cause problems for a series like “SHIELD” and a film like Inhumans, due to the strong connections between the two.

If anyone is wondering why Coulson has yet to reappear in the films, this is why.  As it stands, Feige enjoys the expanded universe of the televisions shows as a beneficial side element to his films, but appears to be staunchly against including TV characters in the films and vice versa, outside of side characters like Sif (Jamie Alexander) or President Matthew Ellis (William Sadler). Does Feige want Inhumans gone from the slate completely or is the project simply being postponed quietly until this corporate chest-puffing has concluded?  I’m leaning towards the latter.  While it’s simply too early to tell, it seems likely that, as with Runaways before it, Inhumans will be tossed onto the backburner until the powers that be can work out their issues and find a new place for it in their plans.  Gone, but not forgotten, if you will.

Like Runaways, this is an interesting property that holds a lot of promise for Marvel, so entirely discarding it seems likely. Despite public silence on the subject, Runaways is still in the works at Marvel.  After all, it had a director (Peter Sollett) and even a completed script (by Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce) before it was backburnered.  Preliminary casting had even begun!  That creative team has moved on, but the project still lives.  Hell, it could even take this now-open slot!  I have no doubt the same will happen here.  Assuming the rumors of their involvement were true, I’m sure Adam McKay and Vin Diesel are a bit bummed by this turn of events, but they will surely find other projects to pass the time.  Hell, Diesel is booked pretty solidly as is.  At this stage, it seems likely that Inhumans will no longer be coming our way in Phase Three or Phase Four.  Perhaps it will have better luck in Phase Five?


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