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Mark Millar’s ‘Huck’ Is Coming To The Screen

While the first issue won’t hit shelves until mid-November, Mark Millar‘s latest comic book creation, Huck, has already been optioned for a feature film adaptation.  Studio 8 has nabbed the rights to the popular creator’s latest superhero tale and have already set about looking for a writer and director to bring it to life.  John Silk will be producing the eventual film from Studio 8’s side and he will be joined by Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar himself.

What is Huck about?  I’m glad you asked!

The comic tells the story of Huck, a superhuman but of simple intelligence, who tries to anonymously perform one good deed per day, from the mundane to the fantastic. When he is revealed to the world by a reporter, Huck finds himself in the crosshairs of villains — from whom, unbeknownst, he was hidden his entire life.

Given that Fox has first look on anything new that Millar comes up with these days, I’m honestly not all that surprised that they passed on this one.  After how controversial the Kick-Ass films were when filled with regular (albeit sociopathic) characters, I can only imagine what Millar would do with a lead who apparently has a very low IQ.  The “Starlight” and “Nemesis” creator has a penchant for intentional shock value and I doubt Huck will be any different.  It also explains why Vaughn is simply producing, as opposed to considering the director’s chair.  Let’s just hope this ends up in the hands of someone as capable as the Kingsman director.  I don’t need to sit through another Kick-Ass 2 and I suspect that many of you feel the same.  Something more along the lines of Kingsman: The Secret Service, the first Kick-Ass, or even Wanted would be preferable.


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