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Marvel Launches New ‘Black Widow’ Comic Series

Initially absent from their “All-New All-Different” lineup announcement, Marvel has confirmed that they are indeed doing a new “Black Widow” comic series.  Set to debut early next year, the book comes from the “Daredevil” creative team comprised of Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Matthew Wilson and Joe Caramagna.  With the character being popular than ever, both due to the existing MCU films starring Scarlett Johansson and the recent comic run that ended before the latest “Secret Wars” event, it comes as no surprise that Marvel will continue to showcase Natasha and her particular brand of action.  Hell, there’s even a Black Widow YA novel about to hit store shelves!

Entertainment Weekly recently spoke to the comic’s creative team at length about their upcoming book, as well as the appeal of Black Widow in general…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I know this book is going to be its own story, but Natasha has very specific themes that have been prominent throughout all of her series. Are we going to see any kind of a continuation in terms of the way she evolved at the end of the most recent run?
MARK WAID: It’s a little bit of both. It’s similar to way we approached Daredevil, in that we’re not picking up specifically from the end of the previous issue or specifically from any one moment. But we’re acknowledging that, and making use of the fact that what happened in the previous series happened, and using some of that stuff as a springboard. And it is, by Marvel time, at least eight months later. It’s not the next day, anyway. Especially in issue 2 in particular, we’re sort of spring boarding off of some of the previous events, but not so specifically that anyone should feel like they’re missing anything if they didn’t read the previous run.

CHRIS SAMNEE: It’s not a necessity to have read the previous series. Certainly, it wouldn’t hurt, but you should be able to jump right into this one.

Like most of Marvel’s established characters, Natasha has a great, rich history, and there’s always a ton to work with. As writers and artists, what are you both looking forward to exploring in this book?
WAID: Even more than Daredevil, this is very much a partnership. Not only are we bringing the rest of the creative team over, but Chris and I are going back and forth on story, and Chris is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. With Daredevil, he came on after we were already running for a year. Being able to launch something from the ground zero with Chris means that he gets even more of a chance to put his vision into it.

SAMNEE: I try to think of it as how we would do a creator-owned book, but we’re just doing it at Marvel with an established character. I’m just having a ton of fun playing with an established character in a world we all know, but without any constraints. We can kind of do whatever. We’ve started coming up with a new Big Bad for Widow — she’s had a few big opponents over the years, but I think this is the biggest threat to her.

WAID: What I always ask myself going into these things — and I ask Chris and we talk about it — is always, “What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen to this character?” Because that tells you everything about them. That tells you what they’re made of, that tells you what you’re putting them up against, their greatest fears or greatest threat. It just makes it a real fight, and that’s what we talked about with this. And that’s kind of where we’re starting with this.

For more of EW’s interview, check out the link above.  You can also find some artwork from the upcoming run below, also courtesy of Entertainment Weekly…

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