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ABC To Run ‘Damage Control’ For Marvel

ABC seems to have finally awakened to the possibilities at hand in their partnership with Marvel.  After having the majority of the characters they previously held yanked away and given to Netflix (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and more), they have doubled down on trying to improve “Agents of SHIELD“, pushed ahead with a second season of “Agent Carter“, and are working up a pilot for a “SHIELD” spin-off in the form of the Mockingbird & Hunter-fronted “Most Wanted“.  Now, it seems, they have a fourth potential series in development.  I guess they looked at Netflix’s toybox and decided they wanted another playset in their own?

According to THR, ABC has ordered a half-hour comedy series to be developed based on the Marvel comic “Damage Control“.  The concept of the source material and the potential series centers on a construction company regularly tasked with cleaning up and repairing the damage caused by supervillain shenanigans and their brawls with superheroes.  There’s a lot of fun and humor to be mined from such a concept, so here’s hoping that ABC and whoever they set as showrunners are up to the task.  Unfortunately we have no further details about the project at this time, although if it moves forward, it seems destined for a Fall 2016 or mid-season 2017 debut.

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