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‘Daredevil’ Gets More Scott Glenn, Plus ‘Luke Cage’ Confirmations

Scott Glenn‘s return to Marvel’s “Daredevil” for its second season on Netflix has officially been confirmed.  The veteran actor, who portrayed Matt Murdock’s also-blind warrior mentor in one episode of the first season, will be returning for three episodes next year.  The show is currently in production on its sophomore season and is expected to premiere in April 2016.

Stick’s expansion on the series comes as no surprise, given that Elektra (Elodie Yung) and The Hand will arrive this year and are expected play a large part in the season’s narrative.  It’s not known whether Stick’s current pupil, Stone (glimpsed in Season One), will be appearing or if we should expect other members of Stick’s mystic martial arts sect (The Chaste) to arrive on the series this year.  In addition to those complications for Daredevil (Charlie Cox), the show’s next run will showcase the arrival of The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and reportedly the assassin Bullseye as well.  No casting has yet been confirmed for Bullseye at this time.

In other news, while we’ve all known it for awhile now, Alfre Woodard and Simone Missick‘s true roles on “Luke Cage” have been officially revealed.  Alfre Woodard is indeed politician Mariah Dillard, who is known behind closed doors as crime lord Black Mariah.  Dillard will be publicly campaigning to clean up the streets as she takes over territory presumably left open in the wake of Wilson Fisk’s incarceration.  Simone Missick has also been confirmed as wounded cop turned hero Misty Knight.  It’s not yet clear as to whether or not she was still be a regular cop when the show begins.

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