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[Review] ‘Bloodshot Reborn’ #6 Begins The Hunt and Brings The Creepy Along For The Ride

“The Hunt” begins for would-be nanite infected killers this month in Bloodshot Reborn #6. Can these out of control assassins be brought down peacefully or ultra-violently? I expect the latter and that makes for a bloody good show.

bloodshotreborn 6

WRITTEN BY: Jeff Lemire

ART BY: Butch Guice

PUBLISHER: Valiant Entertainment

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: 16 September 2015

There are four more poor, unwitting souls out there that need to save from themselves and only one man can do it. Does anyone want to? No. More than anything else, former Bloodshot Ray Garrison wants nothing to do with this life anymore.

Does he have a choice? No. No he does not. That gives this story a hefty amount of tragedy to it ala Bruce Banner and The Incredible Hulk in the sense that no one else can contain and control the killer nanites other than Ray. Being Bloodshot in the Valiant Universe seems like more of a curse than anything else and writer Jeff Lemire has really conveyed that sense successfully as this series progresses.

Artist Butch Guice brings the grit and grimy realism to this arc. Guice really makes the tension be felt in this issue, especially in the tenser moments where the hunt for the remaining infected people heats up. As always, Guice is also adept at the in-between moments of human interaction which is spread out generously in this chapter.

What has me excited about this arc is that there isn’t just one horse in this race. Ray, Agents Hoyt and Festival in pursuit, and now a third, more dangerous element have been introduced to the mix. This unknown factor makes this story much more intriguing now and no doubt down the line as well. Get in on “The Hunt” in Bloodshot Reborn #6.


Score: 8/10 Skulls


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