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Stephen King Picks His Superpower

If you could choose any superpower, what would it be?  Strength?  Healing factor?  Invincibility?  Invisibility?  Psychokinesis?  Pyrokinesis?  Would you just simply want to be your favorite superhero or would you rather be your own person?  Would you use your powers for good or for evil?  Perhaps simply for awesome?  Popular author Stephen King recently divulged his own answer to Time.  What power did this Master of Horror choose?

Stephen would want to be a speedster, like The Flash or Quicksilver…

At first I thought telepathy, but you’d hear some pretty nasty thoughts. X-ray vision? No, you might see some really nasty things. Superstrength? Might hurt someone without meaning to. Mind control? Too tempting—absolute power corrupting absolutely and all that. But would I like to be able to just jump into the air and fly like Superman? Yes, but without superstrength and invulnerability, I would probably be shot down by fighter jets acting on the authority of Homeland Security. I guess the best one would be superspeed, like the Flash. You know, just turn it up to 11 and pull the knobs off. Burn that sucker.

The man already publishes an average of two novels a year.  Imagine how many more he might write if he were super fast?  I have to admit, he has some good points.  And being super fast would allow you to accomplish a whole lot more in your life.  Imagine studying or completing menial tasks.  House cleaning would be a breeze, almost literally.  You also wouldn’t need to worry about driving anywhere, unless you needed to shop.  Even then, you could probably devise the proper luggage and speed skills to make possible the ability to travel with items and not destroying them in the process.  I’m not sure what I’d choose, but King’s own personal idea sure isn’t a bad one.

Who am I kidding?  I’d probably be a Master of the Dark Arts (or perhaps just a petty dabbler), battling horrible monsters and otherworldly creatures that creep into our world from the depths of Hell itself!  I think King might approve.

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