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Exclusive Spread From Double Take’s “Ultimate Night of The Living Dead”

As you may be aware, tomorrow marks the release of Double Take Comics “Ultimate Night of the Living Dead.” An initiative in comics like no other, where a brand new publisher is launching 10 zombie comics, all at once. To help give you an idea of the horrors in store for you tomorrow, we want to give you an exclusive peek into tomorrow’s “SOUL” #1.

Soul_1_-_Interior_Spread (1)

Imagine the end of Night of the Living Dead, but after the posse shoots Ben, he survives. Get ready for the incredible remix of the most iconic zombie story ever told. It all begins tomorrow, with Double Take’s big bang.

About Night of the Living Dead

As you may know, the 1968 film is in the public domain. All of us here at Double Take admire and respect the creators, cast and crew, but, no one affiliated with the Night of the Living Dead film is in any way involved in the creation of 2T’s stories.

2T’s 1st stories start in the world established by the Night of the Living Dead. Then we let our imaginations and our zombies run wild. Mostly, our creators are telling new stories starring new characters. But, if you love the classic film, you won’t be disappointed; you can follow your favorite characters from their first appearances, through their dying breaths, to their first baby Zombie steps.

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