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‘Deadpool 2’ Comes Closer To Reality At Fox

Fox is super happy with how Tim Miller’s Deadpool has turned out and they are even happier with the reaction to the trailers thus far.  The happiness only continues due to Ryan Reynolds‘ non-stop promotion of the film, which is also bringing the project a fair amount of positive press and fan attention.  Fox is so happy with all of it, in fact, that they are already developing a sequel to the film, despite the fact that the first does not open in theaters until February 12th.

This seems like a bit of a cart before the horse scenario, but given the summer that Fox had in regards to Fantastic Four‘s infamy, it’s not all that surprising.  Not only did the studio take a critical and financial hit on that film, but it seems increasingly likely that the June 9th, 2017 release date that they already have slotted for Fantastic Four 2 might be in need of a new film.  It’s been rumored for awhile now that Fox might go ahead a prep a Deadpool sequel for potential inclusion in that slot, if the first film proves successful enough to warrant continuation.

The good news is that Deadpool didn’t cost nearly as much as Fantastic Four or recent X-Men films, so the chances of it falling on its face at the box office are much lower than usual.  Will it strike a chord with audiences and finally spawn a comic book franchise for Ryan Reynolds?  If it does, word is that the studio is still eyeing the inclusion of popular gun-toting mutant character Cable in any potential Deadpool 2.

If it doesn’t?  Well, Fox is still developing an X-Force film and both characters would certainly warrant inclusion in that project, even if Deadpool manages to disappoint at the box office.  Odds are that Ryan Reynolds will get to play The Merc with a Mouth at least one more time after his solo outing early next year, if not multiple times.  For now, all eyes will be on the film’s opening weekend in February.  If you want a lot of Wade Wilson action in the future, I suggest that you be sure to show up at your local theater then and vote with your wallet.


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