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Our First Look At Hawkgirl & Hawkman On ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

The CW has released the first still of Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel).  While the former was glimpsed out of costume in the season finale of “The Flash“, this is the first time both have been seen dressed as their superheroic alter-egos.  Hawkgirl is a main character in the CW’s third DCverse show, “Legends of Tomorrow“, which will premiere early next year and Hawkman is expected to be a regular on the series.  Both characters are slated to appear on “Arrow” and “The Flash” ahead of that show’s debut, with their arrival heralding the now-annual crossover two-parter in December.


I like it!  The design is distinctive, yet also in line with previous superhero (and villain) costumes used on the two existing DC shows on the network.  The wings will be added in post with CG, although I suspect they will be retractable in some fashion and only used during flight and fight sequences.  “Legends” executive producer Phil Klemmer opened up earlier this year about the characters’ relationship with one another across the shows.  As with their look, their interactions with one another will mirror their source material counterparts…

“The way we’ve imagined them is that they’ve obviously been reincarnated through the ages together, but the fact that he remembers their previous lives and she doesn’t… it gives them very much like a Bogie & Bacall sort of [relationship],” Klemmer said, explaining how Hawkman’s presence will enhance rather than detract from Hawkgirl as a character.

“They’re constantly fighting, and the fact that they’re destined to be in love is something that seems impossible to her,” he continued. “That’s the kind of sentimentality that we really strive to avoid on this show. The fact that they’re going to be together someday, we try desperately at every moment to disprove that, this is going to be the one time that they decide to, like, shoot each other in the face.”

The Flash” returns to the CW on October 6th.  “Arrow” will return the following night on October 7th.  “Legends of Tomorrow” will premiere in early 2016.

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