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‘Wonder Woman’ Might Take Place In Two Eras

Last year, it was reported that a proposed Wonder Woman trilogy would span three eras of Diana Prince’s (Gal Gadot) life.  The Amazonian superheroine is said to be around 200 years old, so why not play with time?  Supposedly, the first film would have taken place in the 1920s, the second during World War II, and the third during the present day.  All would be set before the events of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and all would likely also pepper in flashbacks to the pre-history days of the Amazons in Themyscira.

Michelle Maclaren presumably signed on to make the first film and potentially its sequels, in what would basically have been an anthologic trilogy spanning Diana’s life before the Justice League.  Rumor has it that part of why she left the project is because Warner Bros. decided to back off on the period piece nature of it all and focus more on Diana as a fish out of water during the present.  If today’s latest rumor, courtesy of Heroic Hollywood, is anything to go by, that line of reasoning fits.

According to the outlet, the first Wonder Woman solo film (which lenses soon), now under the direction of Patty Jenkins, will be split between two time periods:  World War I and the present day.  The latter portion seems a definite to happen, especially given the casting of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, her love interest across multiple films.  I’m skeptical of the World War I angle, however.  While I wouldn’t be surprised if we are treated to some sort of montage detailing Diana’s adventures between the first half of the film and the second, it seems far likelier to me that the first half would center on the creation of the Amazons and their history (as well as setting up their foes) throughout time.  If it is to carry a World War setting for a portion of the film, however, I’m glad they are going with the less overused World War I instead of World War II.


Basically, if you want to equate it to Marvel, Wonder Woman is our Captain America here.  A woman out of time who has seen different eras of humanity, although she has had the benefit (or curse) of living through them all, instead of being frozen in ice for a over half a century.  Giving us glimpses of her place in history throughout the ages is a great idea if we aren’t going to get full-on period piece films and glimpses of her during the World Wars seems like a must, but I’d say showing the pre-history portion and the Amazons at their prime is more important.  So here’s hoping that’s the route they are actually taking and that HH’s source just has a few wires crossed.

Out of all of the solo DC films headed our way in the coming years, this one and James Wan’s Aquaman interest me the most.  Both are poised to not only showcase characters who have yet to be brought to the big screen, but also worlds and perspectives that are entirely different from our own.  The worlds of the Amazons in Themyscira and Aquaman in his underwater kingdoms are new territory and I hope that they are explored better than the Asgardian realms have been in Marvel’s films.  As much as I enjoy both Thor adventures to date, they are some of the weakest films Marvel has produced on a narrative level.  There’s room for improvement there, both with DC’s own similar properties and in Marvel’s third (and final?) Thor adventure.

I want big, fun fantasy adventure.  It doesn’t have to be light-hearted and I certainly don’t expect these DC films to go for that tone, but I do want to be shown something different and more fantastical than what we have been given to date.  Give me dark and somber, if you must, but at least make in awe-inspiring and interesting.  Also, let’s keep Superman (Henry Cavill) and especially Batman (Ben Affleck) out of this one, okay?

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  • Eben Fox

    I wish they’d ditch dark and somber altogether. I go to movies to ESCAPE reality.

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