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‘Arrow’: Season 4 Trailer, Costumed Diggle, Lady Cop, & A New Poster

Now that we are about a month away from the premiere of “Arrow“, we are finally being teased by more than just promo material and casting information.  The CW has released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season of their popular DC Comics series.  How does it look?  Season Three was a pretty large letdown for this fan, so I’ll likely be looking at the upcoming season with a harsher eye than in the past.  That said, I like what I’m seeing for the most part…

It’s hard to judge from a short teaser, but based solely on the footage here, the coming season appears to have greater focus than the last did.  This is very much a good thing.  In addition, we also get a look at the city’s name change to Star City (and why!), the new costumes for our heroes, the arrival of Damien Darhk & John Constantine, teases of Mr. Terrific & Anarky, and more.  I wouldn’t say I’m overly excited just yet (again, S3 was pretty bad overall), but I’m certainly cautiously optimistic.

Moving on to promotional material, there’s still plenty of that being dished out.  So much so over the past week, in fact, that we’re playing catch-up today.  In addition to finally giving us a look at the questionable and Magneto-esque costume for Diggle, we’ve also been handed a new promo poster and a look at Rutina Wesley’s Liza Warner (aka Lady Cop).  Diggle apparently has a code name to go along with his new threads, but that particular nugget of information has yet to be revealed.  That costume though.  I don’t know.  At least it has a visor to hide his identity, however, as opposed to him just running around in plain view with his name being shouted all around the city.

While I’m sure we’ll be treated to a (hopefully not too cheesy) tease of the name Lady Cop in dialogue at some point, the producers have stated not to expect her to go by that name on the show.  That’s probably for the best, as while it is from the source material, not every idea from the comics is worth carrying over.  That goes double for alter-ego names that are rather bland and generic-sounding.  Still, after her work on “True Blood” and “Hannibal”, it’s hard not to be excited about Wesley bringing her talent to Star City this fall.

Check out Super Diggle, Lady Cop, and the new promo art below…

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  • Cthulhu0818

    Is it me, or does Super Diggle look like an early attempt at “Steel”?


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