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Iron Man to Create Spider-Man’s Web Slingers?

So, there’s an interesting rumor that’s circulating around that’s suggesting the Spider-Man that will appear in Captain America: Civil War won’t be the so-called “Iron Spider”, a suit that was designed for the webslinger by Tony Stark. Rather, Stark will be inventing the web shooters that will be used by the nimble superhero, who is being played by Tom Holland, according to Latino-Review.

The theory is that when Civil War takes place, Peter Parker is a teenager and only has access to things a teenager would be near. Therefore, it’s up to Stark to provide him with the necessary equipment to take him to the next level.

This is a bit of a departure from the comics as the Iron Spider suit made its debut in the Civil War arc. The suit used a great many pieces of Iron Man technology and Spider-Man was all for it when he was on Stark’s side. However, he switched sides to join Captain America and the Secret Avengers, which is when he abandoned Stark’s armor.

The MCU hasn’t always been 100% faithful to the comics, so what say you on this possibility? Discuss below!


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