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Batman Is Metal Incarnate When Saving Aquaman

Alright, so I don’t know if there was ever a situation in the DC universe where Batman had to save Aquaman. I know that there are theories that it was Aquaman that saved Superman in Man of Steel, who in turn is going to face Batman in Dawn of Justice, so there’s that whole six degrees of separation thing happening and…you know what? I’m rambling.

Below is a kick ass video that takes the music of Dethklok, specifically their track “Murmaider”, and uses it as the backdrop to a story of Batman saving Aquaman with the help of Robin, The Red Hood, and some other superheroes.

It’s violent, it’s gory, and Batman has a permanent case of “duck lips” going on, which apparently started right when his parents were shot. Enjoy!

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  • Mark Nye

    Awesome lol


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