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‘Luke Cage’ Gets A Synopsis & Start Date

While we still wait for a premiere date for the first season of “Jessica Jones” on Netflix and more details about the currently-shooting second season “Daredevil“, we are finally getting some news for Marvel‘s third Netflix show, “Luke Cage“.  The Power Man himself will first debut on “Jones“, but is next on deck to get his own show on the popular streaming service.  The series is set to begin filming next week, ahead of an undetermined 2016 release, and we have finally been given a synopsis, courtesy of Heroic Hollywood.

Luke Cage (Mike Colter) is a former gang member who is framed for a crime. In prison, he volunteers for a medical experiment that goes awry, giving him super strength and bulletproof skin. Using his newfound powers, Cage escapes and becomes a hero for hire. His archenemy is Willy Stryker, a former childhood friend from Harlem. The two committed petty crimes together, and both fell for the same woman, Reva Connors, which led to their eventual falling out. It was Stryker who framed Cage for a drug deal that sent him to prison.

While this synopsis falls in line with what we mostly expected from the series, it at least finally gives us some more characters to be on the lookout for.  Willis Stryker, aka Diamondback, is clearly our main antagonist for Cage.  Reva Connors is likely our female lead, potentially caught in a love triangle between to two men.  Add in Alfre Woodard’s mysterious Minetta and the villainous Cottonmouth, and we have ourselves a nice little main cast.  Other new characters and casting announcements are sure to be revealed in the coming months, along with potential guest appearances and cameos from “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” characters.

Perhaps we might even get a glimpse of some “Iron Fist” characters, since Danny Rand’s own show should film sometime early next year and potentially see release in late 2016 (or early 2017)?  The MCU’s version of Hell’s Kitchen was introduced to us only just this year, but it is expanding fast and being populated with numerous characters and side stories.  I can’t wait to see how it all plays out over the next two years as we march towards Netflix’s own Avengers-like event, the miniseries “The Defenders” (2017?).


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