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CW Superhero Round-Up: The Latest On ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’

As we march closer and closer to their October premiere dates, the casting and promotional machines for CW’s hit show “Arrow” and “The Flash” continues.  First on deck is the revelation that Malese Jow will be reprising her role of reporter/ex-girlfriend of Barry Allen, Linda Park, in the upcoming second season of “The Flash“.  Next, Violett Beane has been cast as Jesse Quick.  In the comics, Quick was the superhero alter-ego of Jesse Chambers, who was the daughter of two superheroes (Johnny Quick & Liberty Belle) and a fellow speedster.  There’s no word as to whether or not Jesse will be zooming about Central City this year, but I’d lean towards “probably”, since the show has already Jay Garrick and Wally West for the fall.  Might we see her parents as well?  With Earth-2 now in play, it’s somewhat likely.

Casting continues with the announcement that Demore Barnes will be playing Firestorm villain Tokamak.  While his exact nature on the show has not yet been revealed, he has been described as another scientist who has been made into a metahuman by the Particle Accelerator explosion that took place at the start of the show’s first season.

And lastly, we have been given a trio of images from “The Flash” and “Arrow“, from a showdown at STAR Labs to a Scarlet Speedster promo poster to a quiet moment between Felicity and Oliver…

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