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Rumor: George Miller Might Direct ‘Man of Steel 2’

There’s a rumor making the rounds now that Warner Bros. is courting mad genius George Miller to direct Man of Steel 2.  Miller, of course, was famously attached to direct a Justice League film almost a decade ago.  The project had almost its entire cast locked down and was marching towards its start date when the plug was pulled.  Miller stuck around and went on to direct both Happy Feet Two and Mad Max: Fury Road for the studio.

Word at the time of Justice League: Mortal‘s cancellation was that WB wasn’t sold on having two different versions of Batman on the big screen at the same time, as Christopher Nolan’s trilogy was still going on.  Apparently Nolan was none too pleased at the notion either and, paired with the fact that Superman Returns had disappointed a few years earlier, the decision was made to cancel the project and focus on solo superhero films again.  The next one to come out of the gate after that was 2011’s Green Lantern and we all know how that turned out.

So is the rumor true?  Are WB and DC courting Miller to direct their heroes on the big screen once more?  It’s entirely possible.  In fact, given the nostalgic pining for the lost Justice League film in the wake of Miller’s creatively and financially success Mad Max revival, it’s even probable that they have discussed the possibility with him.  Could or would such a film be Man of Steel 2?  It’s hard to say.  A year ago, I might have said no, but WB’s plans for their DC Cinematic Universe continue to shift.

A solo Batman film for Affleck was not previously in the cards, but now one is.  It’s entirely likely that we could see a Man of Steel 2 arrive on screens within the next five years or so.  It’s also possible that WB decides to keep Cavill’s Superman within the Justice League films, which are currently scheduled to happen about every other year at the moment.  The bottom line is that it’s just too early to tell.

Right now, the only project that that George Miller officially has in the works over at Warner Bros. is Mad Max: The Wasteland.  While he won’t want to spend as astronomical an amount of time developing it as he did Fury Road, I suspect Miller would like at least a little room to breathe while he continues to plan his fifth excursion into the crazed, violent world of Max Rockatansky.  It’s entirely possible that he might decide to take a “for hire” gig in the interim and a DC project for Warner Bros., be it Man of Steel 2 or something else entirely, seems a good a guess as any.  I’d personally rather see him play in a sandbox not already anchored to someone else’s domain (Zack Snyder, in this instance), but I’ll take what I can get.

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