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Spider-Man’s ‘Civil War’ Role Is Being Beefed Up

For better or worse, Spider-Man has been the primary focus of Captain America: Civil War coverage, speculation, and discussion for months now.  Things were rapidly approaching the point where this was looking to be a major problem for Marvel, as in the shooting script, the webslinger didn’t have much of a role.  Audiences were going to be given a taste of Marvel’s own version of Spidey in a couple of short scenes, but he was not slated to have any sort of major onscreen appearance until his own solo film in 2017.  After D23, that has changed.

Marvel has yet to release the teaser trailer for Civil War that was shown at this year’s D23 Expo (though our sources say it’s coming soon), but it apparently went over like gangbusters.  Those that attended the convention have been buzzing about the footage for about a week now and Disney is riding high on their reaction.  So high, in fact, that they want more.  The studio is now extending the shoot for the film and beefing up & altering some of the action sequences.  Among the changes being made is the addition of more Spider-Man.  D23 isn’t the sole reason for Spidey’s expansion, as such a decision had already been made ahead of time, but it helped cement it.

Heroic Hollywood broke the news earlier today that actor Tom Holland was shot off this past weekend to Berlin to participate in filming once again, after wrapping his existing scenes earlier this summer.  The site claims that, among other things, Holland is shooting a fight scene with Chris Evans and our own sources are backing their claims.  Yes, folks, Spider-Man will now go toe-to-toe with Captain America in the final film.

While this slight change in direction is indeed a reactionary one, it’s nothing to worry about.  Reshoots and alterations happen a lot in big films like these, so it’s really nothing to worry about.  This isn’t Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige scrambling to fix a problem or salvage a mess.  This is Marvel seeing a huge positive reaction to existing footage and deciding to crank it up to 11.  It also solves the issue of Spidey being a big fan focus for the film when he isn’t a sizable element within it.  Now he is.  I do hope, however, that we get some equally large buzz going about Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther, at least in the fan community, when the teaser finally hits.  It would be a shame to see him lost in the shuffle.

  • Pats

    Can’t really have reshoots when the film is still in principal photography. Marvel’s reshoots, or “additional photography” are usually scheduled a few months into post, not to mention lot’s of sources have already stated that Spider-Man was more than just a cameo. Hence the two outfits, and the casting of Aunt May.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      I was speaking in blanket terms with “reshoots and alterations” in reference to blockbusters films, as things change often both during and after production, not specifically calling these reshoots. Aunt May was always a part of Spidey’s scenes, as were the two suits (Peter’s own homemade one and the final Stark-gifted one).

      • Pats

        Fair enough. I still think this is stretching though since Holland was in Berlin before D23.

        • Daniel Baldwin

          If it came off like I meant D23 is the only reason for Spidey’s expansion, I apologize for not wording things better. Things were already in motion on that front before then. The action sequences, particularly the finale, are being expanded now, both due to Marvel being thrilled at the footage themselves and happy with the D23 reaction. Everything is getting punched up a bit now that the shoot has been extended.

  • TunaSushi

    I do hope, however, that we get some equally large buzz going about … Black Panther, at least in the fan community …

    No one cares about Black Panther. He’s a pretentious bore. That said, I hope the movie portrays him better than in the comics.

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