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Guy Ritchie Talks His Defunct ‘Lobo’ Project & More

Director Guy Ritchie recently guested on Wolfpop’s film/TV podcast Happy Sad Confused to discuss his latest film, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a period-spy adaptation of the classic espionage television series.  Amidst discussing the ups and downs of getting UNCLE made (including previous iterations that might have starred Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise as ‘Napoleon Solo’), Ritchie also touched on his next film (Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur), the long-gestating Sherlock Holmes 3, and…of course…his aborted adaptation of popular DC comic book character Lobo!

While Ritchie’s version of the project ultimately collapsed due to administrative decisions and the version afterwards (which would have paired director Brad Peyton with star Dwayne Johnson) is also K.I.A., there is little doubt that Warner Bros. will bring the popular antihero to the big screen at some point.  Will it be in his own films?  Or perhaps as a part of someone else’s?  Might Ritchie still want a crack at the job when the day comes?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, give the podcast interview with Guy Ritchie a listen below.

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