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NBC Continues Its DC Output With ‘Powerless’

Despite “Constantine” not making it beyond its initial season, NBC is still in the DC Comics show business.  According to Deadline, the network has entered into an agreement with Warner Bros. TV to produce a pilot based on “Powerless“.  I’m not familiar with the source material myself, but it is described as a workplace comedy set at an insurance company that exists within the fictional DC Comics universe.  Basically, something along the lines of Office Space and “The Office“, but with occasional superhero antics and super battle fallout.

Powerless” is being envisioned as a half hour, single camera comedy series for the network and will primarily center on the office workers and the comedy inherent in working for an insurance company where claims involving superhero vs. supervillain collateral damage occurs.  DC heroes and villains are expected to appear on the series from time to time, but there’s no word at this time on who we should expect.  Given that most of the A, B, and occasional C-listers are already spoken for in regards to current shows and upcoming films, it sounds like we shouldn’t expect to see any of the big (or even mid-sized) guns on the series.  All for the better, I’d say.  If you’re going to be poking fun at the genre, you’ll have more wiggle room to skewer it when dealing with lesser known characters.

Ben Queen (“A to Z“, “Drive“) will write and executive produce the pilot.  Should it go to series next year, Queen is expected to continue with the show.  Assuming the current DC shows continue on, “Powerless” will mark the eighth on-going show based on a DC property landing on television.  It follows “Arrow“, “The Flash“, “iZombie“, and “Legends of Tomorrow” on the CW, “Gotham” and “Lucifer” on Fox, and “Supergirl” on CBS.  There is also a ninth series in the works over at TNT, “Blackbirds“, which is based on the popular “Teen Titans” property.

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