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UPDATED: Our First Glimpse At Black Panther In ‘Civil War’ Is Here!

UPDATED: Another shot has been added below.

While a great majority of the focus for Captain America: Civil War has been placed on Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and his role (or lack thereof) in the film, many fans have also been impatiently waiting for our first look at the film’s other debuting hero: Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman).  Well, the wait is over!  Sort of.  What lies below is a shot snapped of some exterior shooting with Boseman in costume and standing next to Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier).  It’s not the best first impression, but such is life when long distance photography is involved and the image isn’t lit as it would look on film.  Still, it gives us a better idea of what the Wakandan hero will look like on the big screen come May.  Check it out!


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Why is Panther seemingly working alongside Winter Soldier?  Aren’t they on opposing sides, according to recent rumors?  While there is some truth to that “Cap’s Team” and “Stark’s Team” list that is making the rounds, a good chunk of it is bogus and the story certainly isn’t going to play out close to how it did in the source material.  As with all of their other films, Marvel is using the storyline in question as a jumping off point from which they can further the on-going MCU saga.  Anyone expecting a faithful adaptation of that storyline is going to be walking out of the film disappointed.


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