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Joe Carnahan’s ‘Nemesis’ Moves To Warner Bros.

Originally set up at Fox with countless other Mark Millar projects, Joe Carnahan‘s adaptation of “Nemesis” has hopped over to Warner Bros.  Carnahan remains on board to direct the project, which he adapted from the Mark Millar & Steve McNiven comic with his brother, Matthew Michael Carnahan.  Tony Scott was originally set to direct the film at Fox before his death in 2012.

Nemesis” tells the ultra-violent tale of billionaire genius Matt Anderson, who utilizes his funds and skills to become a supervillain.  The hook for the comic series was “What if Batman was the Joker?”, positing a world where someone like Bruce Wayne used their resources for evil, instead of good.  Scott Free, Ridley Scott’s production company, will remain on board to produce, but it appears that Matthew Vaughn has left the project as producer (likely due to the studio movie).

Vaughn has his hands full at Fox with a myriad of other Millar projects anyway, from the superhero (with a twist) project Huck to adaptations of “Starlight” and “Superior“, as well as his revamp of Flash Gordon and a potential sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service (this writer’s favorite comic book movie of the year so far).

Nemesis is seemingly ready-to-go and could very well prove to be Carnahan’s next film if WB can get it off the ground before Joe’s services are needed over at Sony for Bad Boys 3 (which he is rumored to be directing).  If WB puts the pedal to the metal on this one, expect announcements to start rolling out in the coming months.  We’ll keep you posted.

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