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Constantine Lives And He’s Coming To ‘Arrow’!

Just earlier today I spoke about how often casting announcements are flying out in regards to DC TV shows and now we have a whopper of a surprise one!  While his own NBC series failed to be renewed for a second season, John Constantine will continue to dabble pettily in the dark arts on television in the coming year.  CW has confirmed that “Constantine” star Matt Ryan will be reprising the role on the fourth season of “Arrow“.  It’s not known which episode or how many that he will appear on in the coming season, but it’s good to know that Ryan will be continuing on in the role against all odds.  A Halloween-timed episode would probably be a good bet though.  Perhaps even involving the currently-deceased (as of Arrow‘s second season) Cyrus Gold finally becoming Solomon Grundy?

The NBC’s lone season was a rough one, but the one constant beacon of quality was Matt Ryan’s portrayal of the titular character.  Does this revival (of sorts) mean that we stand a chance of John getting his own show again at some point, this time on CW?  It’s far too early to tell, but if reception is strong enough across (hopefully) repeated guest spots in the future, I’m sure there’s a chance of it.  In the meantime, we can rejoice that the actor gets to continue playing the role and also hope that he manages to cross over into “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” on down the line.  In fact, given that we know that “Legends” will showcase a new threat each season and feature an occasionally-rotating cast of heroes, John could easily be worked into the roster once it inevitably gets its own second season.

It seemed like a long shot, but here we are!  Fan wishes rarely come true, so it’s all the sweeter when one such as this actually comes to pass.  Many thanks to Greg Berlanti, Stephen Amell, Matt Ryan, CW, and Warner Bros. TV for making this one happen.

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