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[Review] “Neverboy” #6 Gets A Super Duper Happy Ending!

In its concluding chapter, “Neverboy” #6 wraps everything tightly in such a happy bow, never leaving a loose end in sight.  As an engaging character-driven tale, the “Neverboy” series has always asked “What is the difference between being a creator and being the creation?” As the plot twists roll in and the surreal imagery breaks loose, “Neverboy” ends on a satisfying note.

Neverboy #6

WRITTEN BY: Shaun Simon

ART BY: Tyler Jenkins

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: August 5, 2015

Though he returned back at the top of his game in the art word, the rejuvenated Julian Drag sucked the adoration, the respect, and the life force out of his peers. The demands for more art and the pressure to become ambitiously bigger forced Julian to steal the imagination of others and distort dreams into nightmares. As reality clashes with imagination, Neverboy has to stop Julian before there is nothing left of both worlds.

Writer Shaun Simon puts Julian in the spotlight as the painter who steals life itself with his canvas. Instead of waiting for inspiration to happen, Julian forces his creativity to come out and flourish through misdeeds. With his arc coming full circle, Neverboy realizes the error of his ways and fights to the end to fix everything.

Artist Tyler Jenkins does a great job mixing reality and fantasy through the perspectives of children. In an interesting note, adults can only think of destruction, while children just want to create something beautiful. In the opening panels, Jenkins illustrates a whimsical world with giant fishes floating in the air and a never-ending roller-coaster. Notice how colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick has drowned out the tone of Neverboy’s hair, as if he’s slowly disappearing.

The ending is quite surprising because the last page closes out on a highly optimistic note. It could be interpreted as wishy-washy because of its light-heartedness, but I think it fits for the characters involved.

An engaging read since the first issue, “Neverboy” #6 aims to satisfy its readers with the final installment.

Rating: 4/5 skulls

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