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El Rey Network’s ‘Lucha Underground’ Pays Tribute To ‘Daredevil’

Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network is a television channel that I constantly find myself turning on as background noise throughout the day when I’m at home.  While the do have a couple shows of their own*, the real draw for is the film selection.  From the films of John Carpenter, Lucio Fulci, Michael Mann, Dario Argento, Martin Scorsese, and Ralph Bakshi (among many others) to 80s action staples to classic kung fu cinema to reruns of “Miami Vice” (which I’m watching right now!), few channels offer better casual viewing or background noise for me than El Rey.

Back on the original programming front, however, the channel has their own professional wrestling series, “Lucha Underground“.  I’ve never been a big supporter of pro-wrestling, but I don’t have a problem with it either.  I’ve caught enough over to years, due to the viewing habits of friends and family members, to have a decent handle on the sport and from what I’ve seen of “Lucha Underground“, it appears to be one of the more entertaining ones going right now.

Recently the series apparently homaged the famous hallway fight scene from Netflix’s “Daredevil” series during one of their storylines.  The sport has never been one to ignore applicable pop culture, so such a thing doesn’t come as a shock to me, especially when the channel owner is Robert Rodriguez.  It’s nice to see that Marvel’s “Daredevil” series is having an affect on popular culture outside of superhero projects though.  You can check out their take on the fight sequence below.  Enjoy!

* – The filmmaker interview series “The Directors Chair” is the clear favorite (this Sunday is the premiere of their Michael Mann interview), but I do have a soft spot for their trashy “From Dusk ‘Till Dawn” show.  Other original programming currently includes the subject of this piece, “Lucha Underground“, and some reality show called “Cutting Crew“.

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