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Director Tim Miller Dishes On The ‘Deadpool’ Trailer & More!

Director Tim Miller sat down with Empire and gave a breakdown of the Deadpool trailer(s) unleashed upon the world last night.  You can read the full breakdown at the link above, but below are some of the highlights of his discussion with the magazine’s online division.  Check it out!

  • The pre-Deadpool Wade stuff will be peppered throughout the film and not served up all at once at the start.
  • There’s a particular anti-Green Lantern rant that Deadpool did in the film that might not make the final cut, but is likely to arrive on the eventual home video release.
  • Miller actually offered Daniel Cudmore, who portrayed Colossus in the previous X-Men films, to reprise the role here.  Cudmore declined.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead was not in the original script and was added in the rewrite once the film finally got the greenlight.
  • Miller would love to utilize Cable in any potential Deadpool 2 as an antagonist for Wade.
  • The film will contain cameos from Stan Lee and Rob Liefeld, as well as many more who have not yet been revealed.

Be sure to check out the full breakdown above, as there are many more interesting revelations within!

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