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The DC Comics TV Stable Casts Hawkman, Vandal Savage & More

The past few days have seen casting announcements flying left and right when it comes to DC Comics TV shows, so it’s high time that we play a game of catch-up!  First on deck is the casting of Danish actor Casper Crump as villainous immortal, Vandal Savage.  While the infamous supervillain will go on to become the primary threat in the first season of CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow“, he will first arrive on screen in the annual mid-season crossover episodes of “Arrow” and “The Flash” this December.

Carrying on with show hopping actors comes the casting of Falk Hentschel as Hawkman (aka Carter Hall).  The character is also expected to debut in crossover episodes of both shows this fall.  It seems highly like;y that he will appear in the annual December two-parter, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.  As with Savage, Hawkman is expected to make appearances in “Legends of Tomorrow” early next year as well, which the aforementioned crossover will serve as a backdoor pilot for.


On the “Arrow” end of things comes the addition of Ryan Robbins as Conklin, a deadly member of Shadowspire.  Said organization and their leader, Baron Reiter (aka Baron Blitzkrieg), will be serving as Oliver’s flashback antagonists in the upcoming fourth season.  Shadowspire is an organized crime and terrorist organization in the comics, often bent on destabilizing government regimes, so perhaps some globe-trotting will be in order for Ollie (Stephen Amell) during his past adventures?

Lastly, we have Jenna Dewan-Tatum (wife of Channing), who has been cast as Lucy Lane on CBS’ “Supergirl“.  Younger sister to Lois Lane, Lucy will arrive in the third episode of the show’s inaugural season this fall and it is expected to be a recurring role for Dewan-Tatum.  It still isn’t known whether or not executive producer Greg Berlanti will manage to fold “Supergirl” into the same continuity as his three CW shows, but here’s hoping he manages it!

And now I shall leave you with a shot of an in-costume Grant Gustin showing off Barry Allen’s new threads for the upcoming second season of “The Flash“…


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