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Chris Pine Will Be Steve Trevor In ‘Wonder Woman’

After countless rumors about whether or not actor Chris Pine will be joining the DC Cinematic Universe as Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor or famed Green Lantern Hal Jordan, we finally have an answer.  Chris Pine will star alongside Gal Gadot in 2017’s Wonder Woman and he will be playing her gentleman in distress, Steve Trevor.  The Wrap had the scoop earlier this evening and our own sources have confirmed that Pine’s multi-picture deal has finally closed.

Why the confusion?  False rumors and/or fanboy guesses?  Neither.  The reason why various outlets, journalists, and sources have been confused about the matter is quite simple:  Chris Pine was offered both roles.  This has actually been WB’s modus operandi when casting their DC film characters of late.  They choose an actor they would like to work with, offer them a multi-film contract, and give them two or three characters to from which to choose.

Dwayne Johnson was offered Green Lantern (John Stewart), Lex Luthor, and Shazam.  He chose the latter due to his history with the property and is now playing the villain in it, Black Adam.  Denzel Washington was offered Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, and an undisclosed third role.  He passed on all three.  Other actors still have multiple offers on the table for upcoming roles.  Some will pick one and join in on the DCCU.  Others will politely pass and go on about their business.  Such is life in Hollywood.

Was Pine offered a third role that we are not aware of?  Probably, but it matters not.  He is our Steve Trevor and he’s lucky to have caught the eye of Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman).  Now let’s just hope that Patty Jenkins is allowed to have him as somewhat of a “dude in distress” and not forced to make him into a hero equal to our titular heroine.  Let the guy be the one who is kidnapped and has his life threatened in front of the female superhero for once.  We are long overdue for such a scene.


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