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‘Arrow’ Doubles Down On New Characters

CW has added quite a few new cast members for the upcoming fourth season of its flagship DC superhero series, “Arrow“.  In addition to the previously announced Damien Darhk, Mr. Terrific, and Anarky, the series will be adding characters Double Down, Baron Blitzkrieg, Jessica Danforth, and Hawkman when it returns this October.  All but the latter have been cast this week.

“Star Trek: Voyager” veteran Jeri Ryan has been cast as Jessica Danforth, an original character with ties to the Queen family.  Danforth has strong political ambitions that will apparently make her the target of one of the season’s antagonists.  Will it be Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough)?  Or another yet-to-be-revealed threat?

DoubleDownActor J.R. Bourne has been cast as Jeremy Tell, whose alter-ego in the comics is the villain Double Down.  This particular rogue is a “Flash” villain in the source material, so don’t be too surprised if he carries over to that series as well.  Double Down’s established powers involve a cursed deck of cards that have replaced his skin!  As you can see to the right, this is both disgusting and awesome.  He can detach their and manipulate them to dice his opponents with their razor-sharp edges.  If they are rolling with that power set on the show, it could make for some interesting visuals.

Jimmy Akingbola was cast earlier in the week as Oliver’s season flashback arc antagonist, Baron Reiter.  What’s interesting about this casting is that, in the comics Reiter is also known as the villainous Baron Blitzkrieg (pictured below) and is an antagonist from Earth-2.  Will that still be the case here?  If so, then it means Earth-2 has had access to Oliver and Barry’s world since before the cataclysmic event at the end of the first season of “The Flash“.  More than likely, however, they are ignoring the Earth-2 angle and simply presenting Reiter as a fanatical warlord (though likely not a Neo-Nazi, as in the comics).  I guess we’ll find out this fall?

Lastly, it has been confirmed that Hawkman will appear on both “Arrow” and “The Flash” ahead of his recurring spot in “Legends of Tomorrow” next year.  While the role has yet to be cast, the producers have confirmed that he will remain true to the source, in that he is a being who has lived many lives across thousands of years and recalls them all.  He will be presented as a wise, experienced warrior, though it sounds like he will lack the hot-headedness of his comic book counterpart.  Perhaps this trait will instead be reserved for “Legends” regular Hawkgirl?

We’ve tossed many character and casting announcements your way for both “Arrow” and “The Flash” over the past few weeks and countless more are certain to follow.  The DC universe on The CW is ever-expanding, which is a wonderful thing, given how good both shows generally are and how interesting “Legends” is poised to be.



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