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Bryan Singer Confirms An X-Men/Fantastic Four Team-Up

The X-Men having a meet cute with the Fantastic Four is something that fans have wondered about ever since Fox decided to reboot the latter property.  It was occasionally teased by producers on both sides of the aisle, but brushed off just as often.  Things have obviously changed as of late.

In light of what can only generously be described as a troubled production, a botched marketing campaign, and what is currently shaping up to be a potentially disappointing debut, Fox’s rebooted Fantastic Four is facing a massive uphill battle as it approaches its release date.  Rumors run rampant about what went wrong and blame game continues to be played daily.  No matter who’s fault it is, it’s clear that Fox is worried about the future of the franchise and they are now taking measures to secure it.

Their latest move?  Franchise flavor fusion, as the infamous Guy Fieri might put it.  While nothing is truly “official” and no one has been publicly hired to spearhead an X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover Film, you don’t have someone like Bryan Singer spouting off to Yahoo! Movies about it without discussions being far along.  Singer taking the reins of the series has been rumored for awhile and his recent comments on the matter seem to confirm them..

“Those ideas are in play,” he says. “That would be a natural match-up because they’re both ensemble films and there is a natural mechanism by which to do it.”

Will we see a Bryan Singer-directed (or at least produced) X-Men/Fantastic Four movie in 2018?  At this point, I’d almost bet money on it.  Whether it disappoints at the box office or not, Fox wants to ensure the rebooted property’s success and keep it going.  After all, if they let it sit for too long, the rights will just revert back to Marvel like Daredevil did.  There’s also the matter of actor contracts.  They have Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and (probably) Toby Kebbell and Tim Blake Nelson under contract for further films.

Combining their two superhero franchises for one team-up film makes for a very different X-Men entry and should give Fantastic Four enough of a boost to make it to a third film on its own.  This ensures that Fox not only makes the most of the rights and actor contracts, but also ensures that Marvel doesn’t get their hands on the rights for at least another decade or so.  It’s the smart play right now after all of the troubles the Trank film has faced and with Singer at the helm, it assures fans that things will be done quite differently.

And how would he combine them?  That’s a good question, especially if Fantastic Four‘s world ends up being quite different (and mutant-free?) from the one within the X-Men films?

“It deals with time,” he says. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

Time travel?  Alternate timelines/dimensions?  Either or both would certainly be Fantastic Four-appropriate and put forth a way to combine the two without having to constantly refer to each other in their respective separate films afterwards.

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  • Logan Bruyere

    Now imagine if it was the zombie universe #justimagine #onecouldhope


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