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[Review] ‘Enormous’ #7 Offers A Compelling Reintroduction To Its World

Enormous is back! Issue #7 kicks off the second season and acts as a compelling reintroduction to the word for new and old readers alike.

WRITTEN BY: Tim Daniel

ART BY: Mehdi Cheggour


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: 22 July 2015

The first few pages fly through the events of season one organically, introducing us to the characters past and present. The characters are painted with broad strokes as to give us a sense of who they are without diving into the minutia. As for the story the main beats are 3 weeks ago horrific behemoths appeared seemingly out of no where and obliterated much of mankind. We follow Ellen who along the way has lost everyone she loves, but there is some hope. Ellen and her group learn of a possible Titan II missile silo out in the desert, so they abandon Phoenix, Arizona and set out in search of it.Enormous_Lettering_Template

We open on a brutal landscape covered in signs of struggle and death, with numerous bodies strewn about. Flashback four days, Ellen and DJ are overlooking some kind of small military force that’s taking people for presumably nefarious purposes. The man who appears to be their leader wields a good old fashioned medieval mace and isn’t afraid to slam it into people. The military force takes a girl and loads her screaming onto their truck. Ellen cannot stand by for long before she throws herself into the fire, because what’s the point in finding salvation if they damn themselves along the way.

Enormous launches its second season with a grounded, simpler tone. No massive set pieces of monsters chasing our heroes through buildings tearing everything down in their path. Instead we’re treated to a more personal human conflict, demonstrating that even with grotesque monstrosities ripping everyone to shreds we’ll still be killing each other. Issue #7 has started a captivating new arc for Enormous, giving us a tantalizing tease of what’s to come.




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