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[Review] ‘Archie vs Predator’ #4 Delivers A Beautifully Unconventional Ending

Archie vs Predator has reached it’s conclusion, after tearing its way through Riverdale and all of Archie’s friends only the eternal love triangle remains. Can Betty, Veronica and Archie stop the Predator or will they all end up dismembered and bloody or will the power of love save them all?

WRITTEN BY: Alex De Campi

ART BY: Fernando Ruiz

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: 22 July 2015

After a bumpy first couple of issues I’m happy to say Archie vs Predator sticks the landing perfectly. This is through and through Betty and Versonica’s story, with Veronica in the driver’s seat this time. When things become too much for Betty early on Veronica steps up and takes charge. While she wasn’t much beyond whiny and petty the last 3 issues she more than makes up for it here. Archie’s a total background player who’s only mildly helpful in one scene, which is par for the course when it comes to Archie himself in this series. But honestly he’s inconsequential because Betty and Veronica kick total ass, they’re also way more engaging as characters.ARCHMPR-4-PG-01-a9e94

The story wastes no time and picks up exactly where #3 left off.Betty, Veronica and Archie are all cowering/injured as the Predator approaches with Miltons skull and spine. The Predator removes his helmet and the girls look upon it’s face with horror. It then proceeds to RIP OFF Miltons face so only the bone and, curiously, Milton’s glasses remain. The Predator hesitates while Veronica begs it to leave them alone. Something changes inside the Predator and it walks away, but not before muttering “BE–TY”.

Launching off from there the rest of the comic is absolutely stellar. The final confrontation proves to be bigger and bloodier than anything that’s come before. It delivers an unconventional ending that thoroughly satisfies. Capping off a mini series no one ever saw coming in a way no one will see coming.


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